Computer Will Not Shut Down Windows 10.

Sometimes Windows 10 shutdown does not power off, there are many ways to shut down the PC from holding the power button to pulling the plug (NOT RECOMMENDED). 

In this blog, I will show you how I do it using the  Command Prompt.

Command Prompt

In the search bar on the home screen, enter 'cmd' and then click on 'Command Prompt' as the image below shows.

Command prompt

Once you click on the 'Command Prompt' you will see the screen as shown below, enter 'shutdown' and hit enter.

computer does not turn off after shutdown windows 10

Now you will see the screen as shown below, this time enter shutdown /s and then hit enter, notice the space between the 'n' and '/'

Command prompt shutdown

You will now see a prompt on your screen telling you that your machine is about to shut down.

So if windows will not shut down, then try the above to force your computer to shut down.