Payment Intent Stripe Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Starting in September 2019, new regulations called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requires businesses in Europe to request additional online authentication. This blog shows how to implement SCA with Stripe.

SCA aims to reduce the risk of:

  • Potential online fraud
  • Reduce the cost of processing fraudulent transactions
  • Increase cardholder confidence in using online services
  • Comply with international regulations such as PCI-DSS and PSD2

We are now shown the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) screen where you can now enter your authentication.

In my developer Stripe account, I can now see that the payment has been made successfully.

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the code was helpful i have made a donation for your help

Comment posted by Alan Price on 17 Dec 2019 18:16

Hi Alan Good to hear you liked the blog, thanks for the donation