What is HTML5

So at the start of this blog, the question was 'What is HTML5', simply put HTML5 has new containers that help search engines understand the structure of your web page, these new containers are very specific about their purpose and intent of the content it contains.

So that coupled with the new JavaScript APIs and HTML elements and sometimes new attributes make up HTML5, in future blogs, I will discuss the JavaScript APIs.

Some people say that HTML5 does not exist, in a way that is true. HTML has gone from HTML to HTML4 and then XHTML which was a nightmare before finally arriving at HTML5. But now the WHAT WG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) https://whatwg.org/  class HTML5 as a 'Living standard', this means that as new features are developed and added to the spec, browser manufactures then hopefully add these new features to their browser.

So how can you find out which feature is supported, there is a great website https://caniuse.com/ which allows you to search for a feature. It lets you know how well the feature is supported by the different browsers and any known issues as the screenshot below showed when I searched for local storage.

What is HTML5 CanIUseI hope you found this brief introduction to HTML5 helpful. In future blog posts, I will delve deeper into the JavaScript APIs to show how you can write custom validation messages when completing forms on the page and the many features that HTM5 support to help you make great websites for your visitors.

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