Umbraco 7.15.1 and ClientDependency 1.9.8, ClientDependency-Mvc5 1.9.3

Recently I received an email from a company that had updated their website to Umbraco 7.15.1 and ClientDependency 1.9.8, ClientDependency-Mvc5 1.9.3.

After the update when they viewed the site, all they saw was a white screen. After the customer searched the web and posted the issue on some programming sites they contacted me asking if I could help.

After looking at the site and using Google dev tools, the network tab just returned 'error', and the console tab showed net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED

The customer had static 404 and 500 pages with no dynamic content and these pages displayed OK.

After viewing the packages and code looking for something that may help solve the issue, I noticed the following in the web.config file.

Issue fixed

After seeing the above code snippet, I then changed 'true' to 'false', and the website now appeared.

If you come across the same problem on your site, try the following fix above to see if it fixes your issue.

There is also a post about this issue on the Umbraco Forum.

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